It is good to know that over-speeding, over- inflation, under- inflation and overloading causes tyres problems. Overloading leads to excessive heat build-up that ends up destroying your tyres. Over-speeding is responsible for both high heat and fast air loss which leads to road carnage. On the other hand, over or under inflation negatively affects your car’s brakes, traction and driving comfort. These three problems can have a huge impact on your driving and safety. It is for this reason that you need to take proper care of your tyres.

Tyre care is essential to maximize the performance and life span of your tyres. Since tyres are the main contact point between your car and the road, it is important to replace your tyres regularly. Knowing where to get tyres for your car has become easier thanks to tyrefinder. Today, companies dealing with car tyres have gone online to provide tyrefinder services. Changing of the tyres regularly ensures mobility and safety. You also enhance the performance and the quality of your tyre’s durability by checking the tyre pressure and tread path. Checking tyres pressure more frequently is vital to make sure inflation is at the right level. Studies indicate that tyres, which are inflated, reduce fuel efficiency.


Analyzing your tyre’s tread is also important to ensure safety. If the tyres do not have a recommended level of tread depth, the wheels will not touch the ground properly. By measuring the depth of the tread, you will be able to know whether a wheel needs replacement. It is also possible to use a tyre tread gauge to check it yourself. Better still, you can use a mechanic to check the tread depth conditions. Car experts advise against using different brands of tyres on your car. It is good to make sure your wheels are consistent for your own safety. When you take your car for servicing, ensure the wheels are rotated clockwise in accordance to the manufacturer’s directions, this way you maximize the tyres lifespan. Remember to check the rims frequently to avoid any chips or damage.

Check the walls of the wheel and the rims to make sure they are dust free with no unusual damage. Another great tip to avoid is hard acceleration and braking since this leads the tyre to wear and high fuel consumption. The ideal way to increase your tyre’s life is to drive safely and accelerate gently.

The ability to use TyreFinder has made the process of looking for ideal tyres for your car much easier. Buying new tyres online has also become very easy and fast. You need to ensure the wheels are always in the perfect condition at all times.