Why do car tyre manufacturers (like Goodyear, Dunlop, etc.) spend so much money on brand marketing?


It is not Spending but it is an investment! If you think advertising and branding as spending you may not reach highs.

Investing to built brand is to garner more Mind Share. What is the first brand that comes to your mind when you think of Noodles ?

Is it not Maggi? It is yes for most of us.

How are we aware of this Brand called Maggi?

Is it because of their advertisement, Yellow color package, Tagline, etc. ?
Yes we remember the brand Maggi because of the above said attributes.

Likewise Tyre companies have their major revenue from OEM market (B2B Market) for which not much investment required on Branding and advertisements. But in the other case, tyres do wear and tear over a period of time. There comes the opportunity to B2C market. Nowadays the concept of generic(unbranded) products is fading out of the screen. Most of us prefer & demand brands.

So in order to shine and win the hearts of customers. You need to make a competitive advantage of your competitors. So you need to brand yourself to outshine yourself from other players in the market.