When riding along in a car, one doesn’t automatically think about the condition of their tyres. While it’s not critical for normal driving conditions, subtle changes like rain or rougher roads can dramatically effect one’s driving experience. Knowing this, plus the normal wear and tear that tyres experience during even regular situations, it is highly advised to pay attention to one’s tyre wear. When purchasing new tyres for your car, there are a few factors to consider. Read on for what they are.

A general statement of the best tyre for any person would not be correct since it heavily depends on circumstances such as location, make of vehicle, type of driving, etc. Here are some general things to consider.

What type of weather is common in the driving area? Is it raining constantly, snowing, or hot all the time? Living in the United Kingdom, cooler weather and rain are primary concerns for a driver.

Driving within city limits every day or country roads with a mixture of twisty turns and loose gravel is normal? This would call for a special type of tyre as well as some adjustments in suspension settings to get the best traction.

Constant high speed highway driving also has an effect on wear and tear so considering this is also another factor. Being honest with oneself and the tyre specialist about the usual style of driving one performs on a daily basis will be very helpful.

By thoughtfully answering just these few questions will help identify a better tyre for one’s situation than simply picking any off the tyre rack.

Vehicle History Makes a Difference

New cars will usually come with the best tyres as recommended by the manufacturer. As long as there were no issues during use, a vehicle owner can be sure that those same original tyres would be a suitable replacement. If on the other hand the vehicle was a second hand purchase, it’s very possible the previous owner may have switched tyre choice. They may be better or worse but one shouldn’t take any chances as it could be the difference between being safe and an accident waiting to happen. Speaking to our tyre professionals should help confirm the best choice.

Price Is Not Everything

Choosing between various tyres in the end for most customers will come down to price. Thankfully in the tyre industry, price is not always the optimum indicator of one receiving the best tyre. There are actually a large amount of quality tyres at fantastic prices. Ensure the tyre fitter has insurance, can save a lot of issues in the long term too.

Comprehensive Selection

With over a thousand dedicated pages to every tyre for sale, our website contains complete information about each tyre, including full details about the pros and cons as well as the best driving conditions they are suited for. To add extra value, one can find reviews of each specific tyre by motorists who use that exact tyre, plus add another opinion other than our own. This should help confirm any potential buyer’s choice while also taking advantage of the experience of other similar drivers.

True Tyre Experts

The sheer number of tyres available in the marketplace is a huge problem for most motor vehicle owners. Instead of being overwhelmed like the average consumer would be when it is time to purchase some new tyres, speak to our team of experts who are both happy and willing to assist in any questions one would have about tyre selection.